5 Shoes You’ll Love For Work

Who doesn’t want shoes that will make them look like a #boss at work?

Shoes really do make or break your outfit at work. You deserve to wear shoes that will make you feel confident and fabulous at the same time. See below for my top shoe picks that I believe match with any outfit you decide to wear!

#1 Leather High Heels

From the moment I spotted these out, I could tell these were a must-have. The unique heel and leopard print make this shoe go well with almost any outfit you’d wear to work. Add this trendy heel to your wardrobe.

Potion Premium Leather High Heels in Black Suede & Leopard ($87)

#2 Pointy High Heels

Okay, maybe the leopard isn’t for you… but you can definitely still rock this simple black pointy heels. Style these with your favorite pencil skirt or trousers. If you work at a company that allows a relaxed dress-code like I do, you can pair these heels with denim pants rolled up.

Palmer Pointed High Heels ($45)

#3 Light Pink Boots

For those of you that don’t like walking in heels but do like a short boot, I got the pair for you! Look how awesome these square toe heeled boots are. These are comfy enough to wear to your 9-5 but have the perfect heel to make you look taller and sophisticated.

New Look Square Toe Heeled Boot ($45)

#4 Gray Loafers

Don’t worry, I know there’s some of you women out there that for whatever reason just prefer flat shoes because they are easier to be in all day, especially if you’re walking a lot. Check out these Office Fastlane Gray Loafers. Pair these with a black romper or some nude trousers for a relaxed office look.

Office Fastlane Gray Loafers ($130)

#5 Chunky Sole Laces Up Shoes

AND…the best for last. These are my favorite go-to shoes for the office. These are perfect for any occupation. The chunky sole gives you a bit of height without the pain of walking around in heels all day!

New Look Chunky Sole Lace Up Shoe ($42)

Let me know if you end up trying any of these styles!

Stay Classy,


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